My philosophy

Je üppiger die Pläne blühen, um so verzwickter wird die Tat. (Erich Kästner)

Step by step you will reach your overall goal!

The first step to your success is to visualise your overall goal. Plans for the realisation often are ready - but nonetheless you are missing the desired success. Why? Because of lacking enforcement. Too less time, too less financial resources, too less ... and: too much daily business, which has always priority

A helping hand - somebody who takes care -  could be the dot on the "I"!

Why me?

Because I worked most of my career in family businesses and hence I know and understand their special needs.

I also made the experience that the enforcement was not successful even though the overall goal was clear and the necessary steps were planned. This could happen due to different causes - often due to a lack of resources - an "additional hand" which muck in when necessary.

                           And exactly that is what I offer!

My qualification

Beside my overwhelming zest for action and the desire to improve everything is lifelong learning an important characteristic of me. A detailed overview of my eduction, advanced training and practical experience you will find in my CV.