Yes there are consultants working together with you ...

We will implement new ideas, strategies and plans together with you!

International trade fairs are a great opportunity to start or expand your export business. And this is true for every company - not only for big international enterprises.

What do we offer for you?

Our offer ranges from exhibition services to complete export strategies.

Long lasting experience in selection, organisation, enforcement and attendance of international trade fairs taught us that the success of each trade fair depends not only on the days on the booth - details account for success. To gain the optimum benefit out of each attendance it is necessary to put your special attention on the pre- and post period as well.

We support you with:

  • Selection of appropriate trade fairs
  • Planning, organisation and enforcement
  • Preliminary work (research, ...) and/or subsequent work (customer relations, ...)
  • Market development, export marketing, export strategies, export transactions

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